Welcome to Jekyll!

I haven’t done any blogging in quite a while. This is partly because I’ve been running the tech blog at work, and partly because my blogging framework (that one I wrote for fun, but ended up looking a lot like Jekyll) depended on a machine that I had to decommission, and also started looking a lot like Jekyll, only not as reliable or feature-rich.

So I’ve switched to Jekyll. I was actually pretty surprised by the degree of similarity between my format and Jekyll’s. It tells me I didn’t exactly have the wrong idea about that bit.

So out of this whole thing, I’ve learned:

  1. Text-only, version controlled blogging is a good idea.
  2. Building your blogging framework around Rake is not such a good idea.
  3. It would have been great to learn more about Ruby gems when I was building, so I could have used them better. That said, Git submodules were not a complete waste of time.
  4. The “view history” aspect of the whole idea is not as useful for me as it might be for some others. Nevertheless, it’s useful to think about.
  5. I used to be pretty dumb about some of my predictions, and I was right on the money about some others. Jury’s still out on the rest.

I’m hoping that I’ll publish more if I’m using tools where I don’t feel the burden of maintaining them to quite the same degree. We’ll have to see.