The Offlineable Personal Wiki

May 31, 2010

Some of us are mobile, and have smartphones, and want to take notes of things. Some of us use Evernote, but are a little bit dissatisfied because it’s a bit on the slow side, and a little nervous about giving EvernoteCorp all our data. Some of us like the idea of a wiki, but want to be able to use it on our smartphones when we’re out of range.

Enter the Offlineable Personal Wiki Which Doesn’t Have A Cool Name Yet (OPWWDHACNY). Markdown editing, text file storage, easy mobile app for editing and searching, uses Dropbox or something similar to sync with a webserver for access to other devices. Dropbox allows syncing of any filetype including photos, audio recordings etc, so there’s no technical text-only limitations.

“What about editing collisions,” I hear you cry. Well, that’s the limitation. This is a single-user affair, folks, so editing collisions aren’t a problem.

That’s what some of us want, and I suspect there’s already a few candidates on the way out there. What’s missing is the Offlineable bit.

Go forth. Develop. Profit from my brainwave.

EDIT: Added link to Evernote.

The Offlineable Personal Wiki - May 31, 2010 - Lucas Wilson-Richter